By Efrat Leket (Author)

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Too many mothers find themselves with the question "How did I become this mother, who most of the time is loving and angry at the same time?" The approach of a mother coach reconciles them with themselves, with their children, with their motherhood, with the pains and fears, and brings them together with a new world of tools that allow them to make the home calm, the parenting satisfactory, and the children much happier and skilled. The book "A Coaching Mother" contains 291 pages including: 10 principles 4 bases 7 opportunities that make up the toolbox that allows mothers (and fathers) to direct every experience of the children, every day, to teach them the most important skills and abilities for them to be happy, succeed and live well in the age The present in which we all live. Along with the practical tools, I put into the book my great love for the mothers I meet and the children I meet through them, I brought into the pages my ability to see, understand and accommodate both sides - the mother and the child, and to give both the exact tools that each of them needs.

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