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A new version of one of the most popular games in the world, the goal of which is to accumulate as many assets as possible and not go bankrupt. The game contains a board, metal game tools, property deeds (public sites, transportation centers, sites), lucky and surprise cards,Credit cards, computerized unit, houses, hotels and 2 cubes.

15 million NIS are distributed among the participants, each participant in turn rolls the 2 dice and moves forward according to the amount they show, and follows the instructions on the square he arrived at. In each slot you can perform one of the following actions: buy a property if it is available, or pay rent to a property owner, take a lucky card, go to jail, lose a turn or receive a salary.
Most slots are website slots. Only when the player has all the sites in the same color group, he starts to build houses there and then to build hotels. Placing houses on the street increases the value of the street and the rent for those who come to it.

Minimum participants: 2, maximum participants: 4

Who is the winner
The winner is the one who earned the most money at the end of the game!

What's in the box
Game board, computerized banking unit, 4 credit cards, metal designed game tools, 28 title deeds, 16 surprise cards, 16 lucky box cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 dice, detailed game instructions

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In stock at Beverly Hills Store


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