By Cousin Mishka (Author)

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Suddenly, after almost thirty years of marriage, Ron Tzipori falls in love with his wife again. Every year Neely Tsipri goes to a month of lectures in the United States, and the look on her face in a Skype call on the evening of her return, shook her husband of what he thought had died a long time ago. But does he really know why she was beaming? While Ron makes room for his renewed love and hastily says goodbye to the lovers he acquired that month of the year, Neely, on her way to Israel, articulates the truths of her life and carries her own message. The two axes, constantly moving towards each other, unfold a fascinating record of sex and love, alienation and betrayal, despair and hope, the end of which will be known only at the moment of the shocking encounter. A month in the year is a novel about the deceptive illusion of intimacy and an incessant longing for love. Mishka Ben-David, author of many bestsellers (including Forbidden Love in Petersburg and The Shark) in his new book penetrates deeply beyond the visible, into the dark matter that makes up the relationship.

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