By Michael Bar Zohar and Nissim Mashal (Author)

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You yourself will carry out the elimination of Salama, said Mike Harari and added: "How do you feel about that?" "I don't know," said Erica. "I never killed anyone." In her heart she decided that in order to carry out the task properly she must make herself an "instrument of justice". A few months later she was standing by the window of her house in Beirut with a sign with a red button in her hands. "I need to kill a person." she said to herself. "My action should be devoid of any personal emotion. No hatred and nothing." Through the window she saw the Chevy approaching. And as soon as she passed the trapped Volkswagen, Erica pressed the red button. For the first time, the curtain rises and the characters of the Mossad fighters are revealed - powerful, daring women, whose hidden exploits prove that they are equal to men and none even surpass them. The breathtaking chapters of the book reveal the character and actions of the female fighters: from Yolanda in the court of King Farouk in Egypt to Dina on the threshold of the nuclear archive in Iran; Mashola Cohen, who was sentenced to death by hanging, and Segal, who recruited the best agents; From Marcel who tried to jump to her death to put an end to the torture, to Yael and Isabel and Daniela, who did not hesitate to enter the lion's mouth. Some have heard of Sylvia Raphael in Lillehammer, of Cindy in London, of Judith in Argentina and Yula in Sudan, or of Aliza who broke the glass ceiling, but for the first time their true story is revealed here as well as the stories of Liron, Rina and Linda who survived the Holocaust; of the trio that saved Israel from a terrible danger; And of other brave women warriors whose incredible actions were allowed to be published today. Prof. Michael Bar-Zahar, former MK, is one of the greatest experts on espionage in Israel. He has authored about 40 books on security and political history, including the biographies of David Ben-Gurion and Shimon Peres, who was in charge of Issar Harel and the security services, Revenge of Munich (with Eitan Haber), a summary of Israel's history, and the novels Spy in the Winter, Brothers, Betrayal, and more. His book Enigma was filmed in Hollywood and was a great success. Nissim Meshal, winner of the Sokolov Prize for Communication, was the CEO of Israel Television and the head of the founding board of Channel 2. In television, he held positions Senior journalists, as well as edited and moderated current affairs programs including: "Moked", "Popolitica", "Conference Talk" and "Mashal Ham". His previous books: "And these are the years - 50 years for the State of Israel", "And these are the histories - 2000 years of Judaism", "Israel 60", "Israel 70 - to be Israeli", and "Permission to publish". Bar-Zahar and Sha'al wrote the international bestseller The Mossad, The Fighters Raid at Dawn and Targeted Elimination.

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