By Berg Rafi (Author)

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The Mossad fighters in the Red Sea tell the story of the daring operation conducted by the Mossad to bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel. This is an exciting story with many ups and downs, spanning thousands of kilometers, from the 1970s to the 1980s, when "Operation Brothers" took place. Under the direction of Danny Limor, the commander of the operation, thousands of Ethiopian Jews were able to reach the promised land they had longed for for so many years - but their journey was complex and dangerous like no other. First, the Mossad fighters located the Jewish communities living in isolated villages in Ethiopia, and convinced them to leave in the dead of night for a long journey to Jerusalem. The Jews, who were forced to hide their Jewishness the whole way, walked on foot through hostile territory to the refugee camps on the border of Sudan, where they found extremely difficult conditions. With incredible ingenuity, the Mossad fighters set up a prestigious diving site on the coast of Sudan, which was used as a cover for the operation. During the day they posed as hotel staff, and at night they smuggled Jews out of the country in ships and planes. Everything was carried out in cooperation with the Sudanese authorities, who were not aware of the ruse, and right under the noses of the guests - who did not know that their diving guides were Israeli intelligence officers with false identities. Rafi Berg, a BBC news man, wrote the stories of the secret operation with the cooperation of Mossad fighters, IDF soldiers and members of the Ethiopian community who participated in it. For the first time, the unbelievable story of the rescue of the Ethiopian Jews is being published in Hebrew - and it is being read with bated breath. "The real story And the most accurate about the rescue operation of the Ethiopian Jews conducted by the Mossad in Sudan." Ephraim Halevi, head of the Mossad 1998-2002 "Outstanding... Berg's moving book is an accurate and true documentation of a heroic rescue mission. Recommended!" Publishers Weekly "A thriller that is also a careful record of reality." Times, London

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