By Joshua Avraham b. (Author)

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One of the great novels of modern Hebrew literature. This is a wide-ranging book, a Mediterranean novel about a Spanish family spanning about 200 years, whose story is revealed through 5 conversations at historical crossroads. The interlocutors (the reader is required to complete the part of one of them in the conversation) are "drawn" into the family story and each wonders about the riddle of his mani, which changes identity from generation to generation. The five parts progress "in the opposite direction", from the present to the past, and only after they have all been read can the reader stand on the full relationship between them, and discover in retrospect additional meanings and contexts, which he did not perceive during the reading. This is a journey into the labyrinth of 'belonging' and 'identity' in the multiplicity of aspects: family, tribe, nationality, race, up to history and prehistoric roots. Beyond the personal psychologies, the book outlines a mysterious formula, written in advance, of a disturbed family; Each mani "sleeps in the bed" of one of his predecessors, connects to another time, and is only an "interpreter" or "substitute", whose reasons for his compulsive activity are a pretext for something else. The student from Shasavi-Sheda, the Nazi from Crete, the British officer from Allenby's army, the reservist from the Lebanon War, and the Jewish doctor from the Third Zionist Congress, are all mirages of each other, a fake "dynasty", a "family". This is a bold and immersive book, entertaining and full of charm. In 1992, Mr. Money won the "Best Novel" award from the Ministry of Education and Culture. In a poll conducted by Ma'ariv newspaper in June 2007 among leading literary figures - critics, editors, publishers and literary researchers - the book was chosen among the ten "best prose books written in Hebrew for the state".

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MR. MONEY| Hebrew

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