By Oster Paul (Author)

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I was two to ten years old when I walked on water for the first time', this is how this surprising and fascinating novel begins, which tells the story of an orphan boy who lacks everything, who is picked up by a mysterious charismatic man from the street and teaches him to fly in the air, literally. With the help of his teacher, who will be like God and pain to him, he embarks on a long journey but a life full of essays, adventures and vicissitudes, which will raise him to the heights of happiness and wealth and bring him down to the abyss of despair, desolation and poverty - a journey of the body and the spirit, a journey that is between parable and reality. The child, who learns to float, climb stairs and ladders that don't exist and walk on imaginary bridges, also gets to know the United States of the years before the Great Awakening, its cities and its landscapes, the colorful society that lives in them, the violence and crime committed in it, the real and imaginary power of money - and to the aspiration to soar beyond all these, to other realms, doubtless spiritual, doubtless legendary. 'Mr Vertigo' is the last book of the contemporary American narrator, who has already won him thousands of fans in Israel.

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