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My fairy tale turned into a story with a lesson at the end.
Tattooed in black ink and signed with tears.

To'. J. Shen and Parker S. The Huntingtons, the bestselling authors of the Wall Street Journal, present us with a story of an uneasy and disastrous marriage of convenience between a dark and flawed Romeo and a uncooperative Juliet.

It was supposed to be an innocuous kiss at a grand entrance ball.
A secret moment with a beautiful stranger.
But unlike his partner there, my Romeo did not act out of love.
His motive was revenge.
For him I am a tool in a chess game, a relative advantage.
Engaged to his rival.
For me he is a man who deserves a dose of poison.
A dark prince that I refuse to tie my life to forever.
He thinks I've resigned to my fate.
I intend to rewrite it. And in my story, Julia didn't die.
Romeo, on the other hand, is a dead man.

Turquoise's recommendation: "My Dark Romeo" is a fiery, witty, funny and gripping novel about a forced marriage between a cruel billionaire heir and an heiress full of fighting spirit who is not afraid to fight back. The "haters to lovers" trope has never been hotter.

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