By Judit Tzpouri (Author)

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My name is Omar, at the age of 21 I believed in love and family until the shocking tragedy that befell me. Today at the age of 30, I run an independent business and am sure that my life, which I have carefully planned, cannot change and nothing will surprise me anymore. I did not imagine that a random meeting with Libby, a woman who looks like a goddess and turns out to be a prickly field, would divert me from my course. I didn't think that she would be able to peel off the layer of indifference that I tried to cover myself with after I stopped believing. My Heartstrings is an immersive suspense novel read in one breath, its plot is rich, twisted and unpredictable until the end. The book unfolds a shocking life story of two lost souls and touches the strings hidden in everyone's heart.

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