By Volmer Laura (Author)

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Who is responsible for all the mess that takes place in the kingdom of arrangement? And how did its kind residents and law reserves become liberated with the joyful bouncing in the puddles? Something really strange happens there beyond the high patch of my "Idiechid" invites you, the parents, go out with your child on a journey in the world of attention deficit and concentration (ADHD). The journey opens in a legend that meets readers with the experiences of people with ADHD in a friendly, light and humorous way. Below, you can learn how children's special brain with ADHD works while features characterize them; The behavior, thoughts and feelings of these children will be presented in live and juicy descriptions, so that every reader can find themselves in them. Finally, your child will be equipped with many tips and ideas that will help him with daily coping and expanding his field of responsibility. This book is especially tailored to children with ADHD: its language is simple and understandable, its color is spectacular and its illustration is surprising and curious. The author's ability to transmit much interesting and didactic information reveals its roots in teaching. Its appeal to the children honestly and in the eye level allows them to expand their self -awareness. The author's emphasis on the uniqueness and powers of children with ADHD is a positive and optimistic atmosphere throughout the book, which contributes to strengthening the image and self -esteem of young readers. Laura Wolmer, a clinical psychologist for children, has acquired rich experience in treating and training children with ADHD and their families as part of the clinic team for ADHD of Maccabi (Herzliya). In recent years, a lecturer in the subject has also advised educational teams. Its vision to expand awareness of the subject among the public and the shattering of existing stigmas is formulated in writing this book recommended for reading for educators, caregivers and anyone who wants to expand their understanding of children with ADHD and contribute to their growth.

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MY ADHD| Hebrew

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