By Mofaz Shaul (Author)

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A man cannot forget his past. As the son of new immigrants from Iran, all I wanted was to be a Sabar. I could not change my place of origin, but I could shape my life in adulthood. The dream of being Israeli was our dream, of the children of the Mofazz-Karr family, and what is more Israeli than being the Chief of Staff of the IDF? Shahram Mofaz-Karr did not dream of becoming Chief of Staff. He was born in Tehran, experienced with his family the difficulties of assimilation in Israel, in the city of Eilat, and was sent away from home and from everything he knew to the agricultural school in Nahalel, in order to receive the best education. Shaul Mofaz did not dream of being Chief of Staff even when he started his military service as a filer in the Third Division and continued from there to the paratroopers, certainly not after he was rejected several times until he arrived at the 1st Bhd - the place he returned to after years as the base commander. And yet he was the Chief of Staff. Almost against all the odds, Mofaz reached the highest military position and faced enormous challenges in a particularly complex and painful period: the departure from the security zone in Lebanon after 18 years, the days of the intifada when terrorists committed suicide and dozens of victims became an almost daily reality, Operation "Protective Wall" which restored Israel's security, and a plan Disengagement - leaving the Gaza Strip. Exactly 20 years after he led the IDF in the "Protective Wall" operation, Shaul Mofaz takes us back, with a sober look and captivating honesty, to the stormy periods of his tenure both as Chief of Staff and as Minister of Defense. He takes us behind the scenes of the major dramas (such as the operation to take over the weapons ship "Karin Eye") and provides a fascinating glimpse into the way in which the most dramatic decisions are made in Israel, at the military and political levels. This is the Israeli story of Shaul Mofaz who was born together with the State of Israel, her story - and the story of all of us. Shaul Mofaz, born in Tehran, 1948, served as the 16th Chief of Staff, as Minister of Defense, as Minister of Transportation and as Deputy Prime Minister. He headed the "Kadima" party. He founded the "Atidim" program to integrate young people from the periphery in the technological field. Married to Urit, father of four and grandfather for ten

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