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An intimate story about family, memories, love and the relationships that define us.
In the dark of night, Adriana storms her sister's door, with a baby in her arms. Who is chasing her? What disturbing truth is she hiding? Adriana is a predator on the goRa the nurse's life, sows chaos in them and reveals a devastating truth.
Years later, the nurse receives an unexpected phone call, urging her to quickly return to her hometown. She goes on a long night journey by train and in the depths of her childhood memories, which bring up old loves, disappointments and secrets that left her with a bitter taste. When she arrives at Borgo Sud, a small fishing neighborhood whose residents are kind but very closed, she becomes aware of the terrible disaster and tries to reconcile with her past.
Donatella di Pietrantonio lives in Penne in Abruzzo and works as a children's dentist. From the age of nine she writes stories, legends, poems and novels. Her stories were published in the Italian magazine 'Granta'. Her book Bella Mia was nominated for the 'Strega' award and won the 'Brancati' award for literature. Mother of the Sea, her third book, won the prestigious Campiello Prize and was translated into Hebrew. My Sister and the Sea was a finalist for the 'Strega' prize in 2021.
"If you eagerly read Elena Ferrante's books, you will also fall in love with Pietrantonio's books. The promising book of spring 2022!” Literary Hub
"My sister and the sea contain a message that reminds us of the greats of Italian literature of the 20th century, from Elsa Morante to Primo Levi, a tragic yet hopeful message - although suffering is inseparable from our lives, we can choose not to let it define us." La Republica

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