By Tzachi Bardogo (Author)

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  • Sometimes one phone call can change a whole life.
    Sometimes she comes when you are 47.
    From the other past is Judith from the Ministry of Welfare, a foreign woman who asks you to come to her urgently.
    And nothing will be as it was.
    when he was a boy
    At only four months old, Tzachi Bardogo was adopted by parents who gave him everything a child could dream of. Out of respect and a lot of love for his adoptive parents, he never felt the need to open the adoption file. But a surprising phone call from the welfare ministry changed that and put him on a dizzying and unimaginable roller coaster, which turned his life upside down in a way he could not have imagined. Not only did he find out who his biological parents were, but much more than that, much more than a reasonable person can contain.
    In his book my third childhood, Bardugo shares his story with the readers, starting from the moment the adoption case was opened. This is a story the likes of which you have never read, and it is doubtful that you will read it again. This is a story that raises difficult questions about the closest and most obvious relationships, as well as about the question of whether there are adoption cases that are better to keep closed or whether it is better to open them anyway. This is a story that, as it shook the life of its author, will shake the life of everyone who reads it.
    Tzachi Bardugo, divorced and father of two sons, a resident of Ramat Hasharon, is currently dedicating his life to the adoption community in Israel. Tzachi serves as the CEO of the 'Mafada' association for the benefit of the Israeli adoption community, as well as a mentor accompanying adult adoptees in the process of opening adoption cases. Hosts the "Adoption Channel" podcast, where he hosts anyone whose life has been touched by the world of adoption and who wants to share their story. The lecture he gives about his life was rated as one of the three best inspirational lectures in Israel.
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