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Every family, however cohesive and highly functioning, has its cracks.

Crises and hardships cause these cracks to widen, deepen, rise to the surface.

The sisters Violet, Mathilde and Louise live separately from each other, each of them built her own body in her own way.

But they meet every year at the family summer house.

The picturesque Le Garrigue that comes to life during the vacation is where the sisters become carefree girls again. They frolic together, laughing with their mouths open and their eyes closed as if the weight of their daily worries fell off them all at once, and put aside the burdens they carry on themselves, including those placed between them.

But this year something has changed.

This year, something makes them, the three sisters, open up and speak truly, from the heart. They are about to see each other as they have never seen before, exposed to each other's eyes in a sensitive and vulnerable light.

They are also going to talk about the pains, the difficulties, the guilt and the shame, and to open up the things that have stood between them for too long, to release into the air the poisonous secrets that the time to ventilate has come and gone long ago.

This is a book about the courage to be exposed even at the cost of injury, about wounded relationships and the sisterhood of healing nurses. It's a book about love and family and relationships and loss, it's a book about secrets and changes and the passing of time.

This is a book that allows you to pause life for a moment, step out of it and observe it from the outside, with the aim of returning to it stronger, more aware and more sensitive towards the people closest to us.

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