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Gesher Tsar - Faith in a world of doubt according to Rabbi Nachman of Breslav It is amazing to discover how good Rabbi Nachman Raut was when he said that of all the masks in which the will of evil appears during our lives, the problem of doubt will preoccupy the world the most. The postmodernism present in our world in the twenty-first century systematically questions every value and ideology, and even language itself. Doubt, as Rabbi Nachman tasted, will bring with it sadness, failure and temptation, and faith will become a very difficult task. Rabbi Nachman, in his in-depth teachings and practical stories, which are the focus of this book, places the power of innocence as an alternative to doubt. To be innocent means to believe that there is good, that a person can do good to his fellow man truly and sincerely, to believe that we are the sons of the king and not the sons of a slave, to believe that a person can be happy, and from that knowingly bet on faith. A faith that does not wait for scientific evidence that comes from outside to disprove the doubt. It is a jump in an inner movement out of a choice of faith, and if we do believe in our ability to cross the bridge, we will cross it. Prof. Shalom Rosenberg, one of the greatest intellectuals in Israel, taught philosophy and Israeli thought for more than a thousand years at the Hebrew University and Herzog College. Bhagoto combines Jewish thought for generations with the most contemporary challenges of identity and morality. His books: "Good and Evil in Jewish Thought", "Torah and Science", "In the wake of Jewish time", "She is not in the sky" and soon "Jewish thought in all its nuances".

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