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For many years now, when people tell me 'it will be good', I answer: 'Why will it be good all of a sudden? Now is good, and in the future, God willing, it will be better. I feel that the strength to deal with times of distress is actually in the present. It is difficult to say to those who are discouraged and suffer torment - the torment of the body, the torment of the mind or even both together - that the future will be better. He will not be so attentive to this encouragement. In the illness diary he wrote, the late Rabbi Ze'ev Krov shared his inner world, his thoughts, desires and prayers. This is not a book of advice but a book that reveals the author's experiences. As someone who has often experienced complex events in his life, Rabbi Krov tells us about his personal dealings with a prolonged illness - "Why did this happen to me?", "What does God want from me?" - and incorporates other stories from his life. Many who face difficulties and challenges will be able to find in it answers to questions of faith and words of comfort. 2018) was a family man, a father of seven, an educator and lecturer on Judaism in various settings, head of the Samaria Yeshiva and head of the Karni Samaria Yeshiva.

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