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A chance meeting, a quick glance, a scent of perfume...
This is how the great and impossible love of a man and a woman who seemingly had nothing
to connect them was born: he was poor, she was rich. He was Jewish, she
wasa Christian He was not an attractive man, she was beautiful. He was single,
she was a man's wife.
Even so, the love of Naftali Hertz Imber, the author of "Hatikva", and
the daughter of the nobles Alice, the wife of Lawrence Oliphant, a renowned author, member of the British Parliament
and an ardent lover of Zion, became one of the fascinating affairs that took place in the nineteenth century
in the Land of Israel. It is told here for the first time in great detail.
As in Ram Oren's well-known documentary books ("Letron", "Red Days", "
The Oath" and more), in "Nefesh Homiya" the plot takes place against the background of a
dramatic chapter in history. In addition to the touching love affair, this book reveals incredible details
about the period The first ascent: prestige struggles, bloody conflicts,
forbidden loves, unbridled corruption.
"Nefesh Homiya" is the result of extensive research in Israel, Great Britain and France.

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