By Mazel Moalem (Author)

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"Because of his inherent competitiveness, he strives for victory at any cost. Because of the worldview he received from his father as a child, he sees reality - all reality - as a constant struggle between good and evil. And he, as far as he is concerned, belongs on the side of the good guys." Hundreds of interviews with associates and friends, statesmen and politicians, advisers and family members, thousands of press clippings, articles and books, 20 years of political coverage, seven years of comprehensive investigation - and the drama of one man: Benjamin Netanyahu. Benjamin Netanyahu, who presided over the government of Israel more than any of his predecessors, changed Israeli society in all areas of its existence, and rewrote its story. During his 40 years of public and political activity, his character always attracted many loyal fans—and some very harsh criticism. His multifaceted personality and contrasts are fascinating : What motivates him? And what stops him? What elements of his life history are essential to understanding his conduct? What are the significant factors in his skills, character and environment, that contribute to his successes - and his failures? And how was he able to reinvent himself again and again, like the phoenix, even after painful falls? Netanyahu, the journalist and political commentator Mazal Mu'alem, reveals the details of the dramatic night meeting with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and the secret operation in Iran that was arrested because of it; the last phone call with Prime Minister Sharon, and the nickname that Eric whispered between his teeth; the chocolate in the drawers, the falafel that Sarah hid and the fear of flying in the airport light sims; the buzzer installed in the bureau against Defense Minister Barak and the family meals at President Peres' home; the drama behind Bar Ilan's speech and the secret of the deep connection with ultra-Orthodox society; And also Yoni Netanyahu's love letters, which have never been published. Cipher Netanyahu is a comprehensive and breathtaking biography of the leader who, more than anyone else of his generation, shaped the image of Israel - a biography of an entire country. Mazal Moalem is a journalist and commentator, covering the political system in Israel since the beginning of the 2000s. She served as a reporter and political columnist in "Haaretz" and "Maariv" newspapers. She writes for the American website "Al-Monitor", which deals with Middle East affairs, and presents a current affairs program on the Knesset channel. Has a master's degree in security studies from Tel Aviv University. Born in Migdal Hamek, lives in Tel Aviv.

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