By Barkai Aviram (Author)

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Every time one of his sons is sent on a military operation, Aviram Barkai's anxiety wakes up from his slumber and with it the unresolved questions are repeated again and again. Barkai wishes for peace with the Arab neighbors, he believes in a country with a Jewish majority and a Jewish identity, he does not want to control other residents, whatever their names and nicknames may be. Is there a way to keep all of these? And is it possible to find a miracle formula that will end the bloody conflict? "A nation that does not know its past, its present is poor and its future is clouded," stated Yigal Alon. That's why Barkai turns back, to the near and distant past. From the creation of the world and Abraham who was chosen to be the first father of the chosen people; Continue the upheaval experienced by the chosen people; And it ended with the decision to re-establish the Jewish state in the place from which they were repeatedly exiled, at the price that the decision took and in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from then until today. And yet it is not a history book. This is a travel book, full of humor and pain, where facts and myths, personal memories and collective experiences star side by side. You can agree with Barkai and you can disagree with him, but one thing is certain: there is never a dull moment on the way. Aviram Barkai researches and writes about Israel's wars, author of the books: On containment - the story of the 188th Armored Brigade in the Yom Kippur War; In the name of heaven - the events of the Phantom Squadron 201 in the Yom Kippur War; Wings of Error economy - a series of interviews with Major General Eli Zaira and other senior officials following the sources of the erroneous intelligence assessment before the Yom Kippur War; We are on the Black - the story of the fighting of the expanded 500th Brigade in the Galilee Peace War; An act that did not happen - the refutation of the main conspiracy theory of the Yom Kippur War. On top of that, he is a road guide, lecturer, advanced driving guide and the author of 12 books on jeeps, motorcycles, rescue, off-road trips, and also one children's book, for the soul. And yet it is his 18th book.

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