By Doherty CJ (Author)

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Eight months ago Gray Langtry's mother was appointed prime minister. Now someone wants to kill her. Since Gray's mother was elected to lead the country, her life has been turned upside down. They were forced to leave their home and move to the Prime Minister's official residence at 10 Downing Street. Now, wherever Gray goes, she is accompanied by bodyguards. And worst of all, the media doesn't let her go for a second. Her performance, her behavior, the length of her skirts - everyone has something to say, write, comment, judge. The scars from her parents' divorce and her mother's surprising new marriage are still fresh. She doesn't like her stepfather. She doesn't like this life. A photo of Gray drunk outside a London club makes headlines. Gray is confined to the house, and a new team of bodyguards - younger, more sophisticated - replaces the old team. Julia, one of the new guards, tells Gray that a new terrorist organization is threatening to kill her and her mother. When Gray tries to find out more details, she is met with a wall of silence. One of the people who understands exactly what is going on is Jake McIntyre, the son of Grey's mother's political enemy. Can she trust him? One night, while sneaking through the administration corridors, Gray overhears a conversation that shocks her. The situation is much more serious than Emma's security team realizes. But will anyone believe the prime minister's wild daughter? Anxious for herself, her mother and her country, Gray must find proof. But she must act quickly. the clock is ticking. CJ Doherty was a crime reporter and today she is a writer of thrillers for teenagers and adults. Night High School books were bestsellers in many countries, and were translated into 24 languages. She lives in England. "Doherty knows how to tell a story. Great fun!" Financial Times "We haven't read such an exciting youth series in years." Now Magazine

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