By Ila Dekal and Shirley Tsafet Davidei (Author)

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What happened when the leader of a gang of robbers jumped into the river? Why did a brave princess break four hundred jars and what is the best way to catch thieves? One day Omar arrives at school and discovers that his group is disbanding. He tries to create a new group for himself, but without success. While Omar tries to find his place in school again, the Talmud is brought to life and the ancient characters join him on the journey. A not secret group is a contemporary meeting of contemporary boys and girls with ancient Talmudic stories that are completely ours. This is a book that offers a contemporary detective adventure that grows out of a deeper and more exciting cultural world than you can imagine. Ila Dekal and Shirley Tsafet Davidei are also some kind of gang. During the day they disguise themselves as two ordinary mothers, and they do it so well that it is hard to guess that Ila is a detective and an avid Talmud lover, and that Shirley is a lawyer and a lover of ancient libraries. At night, when they are not sleeping, they write and tell stories. This is the first book for children, and it is accompanied by Aviel Basil's fine illustrations.

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