By Dan Ariely (Author)

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How is it that the very thought of the Ten Commandments reduces our tendency to lie, even if no one can catch us in the act? Why do we buy an expensive product that we don't just need because it is attached to a free gift? Why don't we save expenses when we plan a festive meal, but at the same time collect coupons jealously to save a few shekels? And why in a free buffet do we fill the plate over and over, even when our stomach is already full? When it comes to decision making in our lives, we think we are in control. We seem to make wise and rational decisions. Is it? In a series of surprising experiments and illuminating eyes, the behavioral economist is contrary to the common information that human behavior is fundamentally rational. With the help of day -to -day stories and breakthrough studies, Arieli explains how our judgment is biased by expectations, emotions, social norms and other, invisible and irrational forces. Arieli shows that not only do we make amazing mistakes in their simplicity every day, but we also repeat the same type of mistakes over and over. We are systematically we pay too much, we are wrong and reject things we should do. We underestimate the impact of emotion on our decision -making and proliferate in assessing the value of our property. However, these erroneous behaviors are not random; They are actually systematic and viewed, because we are indeed irrational, and not by chance. From coffee drinking to weight loss, from car purchase to a spouse's choice, Arieli explains how to break through these systematic thinking patterns to make more equivalent decisions. In irrelevant and not by chance, you will always change the way you are communicating with the world and way of making your decisions. 'It's going to be the most influential book and it's been the most for years. He is so full of so dizzying and fascinating insights that once I started reading, I couldn't assume immediately. ' - Daniel McFadden, Nobel Prize for Economics for 2000, Professor of Economics at the University of Berkeley 'Outstanding Book, Awakening and Very Immunist, which deals with a variety of issues ranging from the power of Plastic drugs to Pepsi-cola's pleasures. Arieli reveals the human brain's pleasures, which flies us in elusive but powerful ways, and shows us how to avoid common mistakes. ' - Jerome Groupman, Professor of Medicine in Harvard, Multi -Celebrates Doctors - How do they think 'Dan Arieli is a genius in understanding human behavior: There is no economist who is better to reveal and explain the marked causes of our different behaviors ... The world and yourself, forever. ' - James Sorubitzki, a member of the masses (in Hebrew, published by Hebrew/Crown) "full of brilliant experiments, fascinating ideas and delightful anecdotes. Dan Arieli is a smart and entertaining way for failures, mistakes and filing of the decision -making process. ' - Daniel Gilbert, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University and a multi -known author to encounter happiness "an original book for the stir. He shows why - more often we stay - humans make stupid errors and sometimes disaster pregnant. Not only does Arieli provide us with great reading material, he also waits us very much. ' - George Acroof, Nobel Prize for 2001, Professor of Economics at Berkeley University

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