By Amos Roy (Author)

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Summer 2011. With quick steps I enter the first garbage room I see. When you're hungry, you're hungry! You are not ashamed to look for food in the garbage cans too... I know that people throw food in the trash, and I also know that if you burn the bread in the toaster, all the bacteria come out of it. They won't know it's from the garbage can, I promise myself... and tomorrow, tomorrow everything will be fine... I open the garbage can and start rummaging through the piles of garbage... neither the smell nor the howling cats bother me, I don't care if they recognize me, I just want One thing, to find bread... Roi Amos, born in 1979, divorced and proud father of Or-Meir and Sapir, with a bachelor's degree in criminology and a master's degree in national security, a retired MGB officer, who, like everyone else, dreamed of being happy from the day he was born. That the reality and circumstances of his life could have led him to prison, Roy chose to be the hero of the circumstances, and not a victim. After 21 years of service as a senior officer in the MGB and following a serious injury, Roy started the life he had always dreamed of. Seven years of in-depth research about "happiness" led him, about a year and a half after his release, to do the unbelievable. From the small, skinny and unsuccessful boy of Afula, Roy became a successful entrepreneur, author, lecturer and the leading and most sought-after mentor in Israel, marching with thousands of women, men, teenagers and business owners for the change they want to bring about in their lives - now! now! Reveals the complex and shaky life story of Roy and provides his readers with practical tools to change unhelpful beliefs and habits. How to find the right partner - now! How to turn every crisis into an opportunity for growth — now! How to finally make money — now! And above all, how to live a happy life! Not tomorrow, not once, not in retirement - now! book now! About to change for you - now! - the life.

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