By Hirsch Nurit (Author)

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Merry Choir, Barbaba, Pistachio's House, Dig Dig Dog, My Family... Composer Nurit Hirsch gave us some of the most beloved melodies of our childhood, melodies that accompany our children and us for so many years. Over time, these songs became iron sheep assets in Israeli music and assimilated into the bloodstream of children's culture. Now we are proud to present to you a book that plays and sings, containing the best compositions of Nurit Hirsch for children, in new arrangements made especially for you, so that you can sing them together, parents and children, and enjoy shared moments of happiness. The songs are accompanied by Gal Weizman's beautiful illustrations, and they add a touch of magic to them. Nurit Hirsch is a composer, orchestrator and conductor, winner of the Israel Prize for Hebrew Singer. She composed over 1600 songs and represented Israel at many festivals around the world. Norit composed music for many plays and films. Along with the composition of poems by veteran poets Kabialik, Natan Alterman, Leah Goldberg, Haim Hefer and Ehud Menor, Nurit collaborates with the best creators: Yoram Teharlev, Rachel Shapira, Leah Naor, Michal Chazon, Dodo Barak and Shmarit Or. The best Israeli singers past and present perform her songs. The Children's Sounds series is a series of musical books, with the help of which the new generation of our children will get to know the classic childhood songs of the great Israeli musicians in a contemporary and eye-catching format.

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