By Yehudit Tzpouri (Author)

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Manuel and Micaela were promised to each other with the handshake of their fathers, the heads of the Puerto Rican mafia. They played together as children. were inseparable as boys. They fell in love when they were adults. Until a shocking murder separated them. Manuel Rosario carries on his back feelings of guilt from his past. He doesn't let things stop him and terrorizes everyone around him. Micaela Vega grew up in a man's world and proved that she does not fall for them. She is determined to find out the truth about the moment her life crashed. Ten years after the fateful night, they are required to keep the promise made by their ancestors, with each of them setting a clear goal for themselves - to defeat the other and reveal the truth that has haunted them for many years. In her book "Metra Online" Judith Tzfouri unfolds before the readers a rhythmic and fast mafia novel, full of intrigue and twists, in which a sensual and passionate love/hate story is interwoven. Among her previous books: the Mafia series "Lines", "The Garden of the Sun", "Twin souls" and more, which were a resounding success among readers and sold thousands of copies.

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