By Danilovich Rubik (Author)

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My story, of little Rubik (literally) expresses the overwhelming victory of the new world, the one that allows everyone to succeed in their own way. A simple boy, from a simple family, who grew up in a simple house, but refused to dream a simple dream. In my case, if I use a metaphor, my EQ (emotional intelligence) gave a knockout to the IQ (intelligence quotient) which in the eyes of many is the vision of everything. I fought for my right to dream and succeed, in my own way. I did not agree that someone else, no matter how important, with experience and status, would determine my fate and decide my future. This is a privilege reserved exclusively for me! Dreaming of success but afraid of failure? Do you want to lead, to break new ground, but you are not convinced that you are talented enough and worthy? In the book Only the Dreamers Come True, Rubik Danilovich, the beloved and successful mayor of Beer Sheva, shares with us the path he paved for himself to realize his ambitions; A path that he is convinced—and succeeds in convincing—that every person can pave for himself. Danilovich does this through exciting stories from the origins of his life, moments of bitter failures and small and big successes, making brave decisions, meetings with people who were his sources of inspiration, opening his head and heart to new ideas and fruitful collaborations, and a lot of faith, simplicity and an overwhelming love of people. Prof. Yigal Schwartz

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