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Have you ever felt that you are scattered in a thousand different directions?
Do you feel too busy and ineffective at the same time?
Do you devote most of your time to other people's goals?
If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, this book is for you.

Only what is important is not a time management strategy, or a technique to improve productivity at work. It's a systematic, orderly worldview, designed to enable you to identify what is truly essential for you, get rid of everything that isn't, and thus - create the greatest possible value for you in the most significant areas of your life.
The uncompromising pursuit of less requires us to choose very carefully what is essential to us, allowing us to take back control of our decisions. He encourages us to choose for ourselves what goals to devote our precious time and energy to - instead of letting others choose it for us. The method of only what is important is no longer a thing - it is a new way of doing everything. It is about doing less - but better, in every area of ??our lives.

"This is a necessary book for anyone who feels too busy, too overwhelmed, too hard working - or in other words, for all of us. Reading the book has already changed the way I perceive my priorities. So drop what you're doing now, and start reading it."
- Adam Grant, professor at Wharton University and author of the bestseller Think Again (in Hebrew by Mater Publishing).

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