By Natan Einat (Author)

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Suddenly, instead of big sweet eyes, they have a big and not always sweet mouth, instead of pasta with nothing on Disney plates, I serve five kilos of meat, instead of the sweet aroma, foreign and unfamiliar smells now emanate from them. For years now I have been engaged in a deep and exciting observation into the homes of teenagers, a phase in which the challenges of this profession called parenting become more acute. Adolescence is particularly dangerous territory; One wrong move and we may step on a land mine whose damage will last a lifetime. In spite of this or thanks to this teenagers are my great love. The early ones are 10 years old, the late ones are 24 years old and they are always intriguing, kicking, forming, mature children or small people in a changing body and in a dizzying age. Apparently they don't need anything from us, in fact they are desperate for a kind word, a connection, a touch. For a moment they believe in life but not enough in themselves, for a moment they believe in themselves but not enough in life. Adolescents are brave circus performers; They walk tightropes, do somersaults and juggle fire torches. But there is no circus without a tent, no rope without a spread and tight safety net. And the relations between us and them - are the safety net. Ours is dedicated to all parents looking for operating instructions for running a successful circus. I hope this book will prove to you that even though it doesn't always feel like it, they are ours. That with a little effort, with a different point of view, with a lot of compassion and commitment to our tent, we will very soon be able to win the moments when we will look proudly at our rolls and be able to see the applause, the full hall, the tickets that were stolen in advance. It's simpler than you think and more complex than you imagined. In the last 21 years, Einat Natan raised five children. At the same time she met thousands of parents in her clinic, in lectures and group guidance. She gave these parents professional guidance and they gave her a unique opportunity to observe the challenges of the family in the 21st century. In her writing, she makes use of her professional and personal experience, in order to offer a comprehensive, clear and optimistic worldview to any parent who desires it. Her first book Haimashli (2018) was the bestseller of the year, and was purchased for publication in the USA, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Turkey and the Netherlands.

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