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Tuscany, Italy 1939 Giuliana and Matteo When Matteo arrives at the door of the house of the de Rossi family, after escaping from Mussolini's soldiers, he does not imagine that there, among the vineyards of Tuscany, he will find the love of his life. When Juliana bandages the wounds of the Jewish partisan, she does not know that her soul will be bound to his soul forever. Hanna and Thomas Since walking away from the man who saved her life, Hanna knew she would never again feel the security she felt in his arms. Thomas, who tries to deny his feelings for her, believes that it is the sense of responsibility that causes his thoughts to wander to her, but discovers that his soul will never be complete without her. *** Even in the heart of hell, love is the weapon, it is the strongest armor against the evil that darkens the world. A Pearl in the Snow by bestselling author Anne Rose is a moving historical novel set in Italy during World War II. This is an exciting love story, which takes the readers into the depths of the de Rossi family's soul, to the journey that reveals that out of the pain, the power of love is revealed to heal the wounds and bring balm even to the most tormented soul. Other books by the author that were published by Diamond Publishing: Blue Sky, Rain Storm, Signs in the Tree and Live Ash, starred in the bestseller lists and were very successful.

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