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• The game is a game of stories - the participants see the picture, the sentence and the question and connect it to a life experience they had - the combination builds the unique story that they share with the other game participants. • A card game that makes our layers of protection peel away one by one. • You can play with two or more participants - great even for a large group. • Get to know your friends and family in a new way, hear new stories you didn't know from the people closest to you. • The game is excellent for social gatherings, team building or family holiday meals. • Peelers are used by professional therapists as a therapeutic tool for adults and children. • The photos in the game were taken by the photographer and writer Gali Margalit during her travels around the world. • An original and high-quality gift - the game box and the large cards with the high-resolution photos give the feeling of a luxurious game. For adults who relate more to the written question - it is very interesting to see the difference in dynamics. So how do you play? Each card has a picture accompanied by a unique and inspiring sentence as well as a question on the back. Below are several ways to "peel", although there are countless options, I am sure you will find your favorite on you. * Place the cards on the table, face up. The first participant rolls a die, and moves clockwise to the next participant after him. He chooses a card that connected with him, presents it to the other participants, reads the accompanying sentence, and answers the question that appears on it. After Then he throws the die and so they continue to play until not enough... * Each participant in turn chooses a card at random, reads the accompanying sentence, and answers the question. * After looking at the cards, each participant chooses two cards. When it's their turn, they keep one for themselves , he gives the other to another player, and shares his choice with those present. * Each participant chooses a card according to one of the options specified here, and passes the card to the participant of his choice, in order for him to answer the question. Special recommendation: It is useful to allow additional participants to share their personal experiences at any time. The game is dynamic, full of magic and changes every time, because the people are different, and their stories are varied and endless.

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