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Esnat and Dror, a couple in their forties and parents of two daughters, are moving into their dream house this summer: it is private, it is spacious and it is designed exactly according to their taste. All in all, they made the deal of their lives: the neighborhood is run down, but it won't stay that way forever - after all, it's an excellent location. Ten, fifteen years, and everyone will want to live here. But the reception is cold: a quarrel with the neighbor from the next house marks the beginning of a hostile relationship; A chain of acts of vandalism repeatedly reminds of the poor condition of the neighborhood and its residents; And new relationships seem to hang on the line: so with the welcoming neighbors from the next street, who raise big dogs, lots of big dogs, for an unknown purpose; The same with the friends who recommended the neighborhood to them, and perhaps did not discover the whole picture; And so it is with their eldest daughter, who is getting further and further away into the world of eleven-year-old girls, shaking off any attempt at protection. For the first time in their lives, Asanat and Dror find it difficult to decipher the world around them: the uncertainty knocks on the windows, insists on seeping into the interior of the house; And she ends up coloring even the obvious things with her colors. People like us is an original and bold novel, which delicately and accurately depicts the banality that makes up relationships and the throbbing conquered terror at their core. The result is an exciting and sophisticated work, which brings the talent of Naa Yadlin to a new peak. People like us is the fifth book by Naa Yadlin. It was preceded by "Stockholm" (nominated for the Sapir Prize 2017), "The Housewife" (Sapir Prize 2013), "Life on the Shelf" and "Hard Questions for God - You Ask, God Answers". From the reviews of Noa Yadlin's previous books: "Yadlin is an artist of designing full and rich characters, and her wit never comes at the expense of the deep humanity underlying her sharp observation." From the reasons of the judges at the Sapir Prize for "Stockholm" "a literary victory." Omri Herzog, "Haaretz" "Yadlin's satire, witty and jagged, is not impervious to the infiltration of soft, lyrical murmurs of the heart. The writer's human curiosity is embedded in it, and this curiosity... is not just artistic talent but borders on moral virtue." Eric Glasner, "Free Critic" "Yadlin is a well-known and fun champion of Israeliness. She knows how to take what everyone knows from every day interaction and break it down so that the components of the pathology are visible to all. This is our DNA, and with Yadlin it breaks down into colorful coils and delights of pointed and grim humor." Ran Ben-Non, "Yediot Ahronoth" "This abundance, during which one family becomes a mirror of an entire social class in Israel, cannot help but remind me of Yaakov Shabtai's 'Zikhron Devarim'... you should run, run to buy the book." Avraham Laban, "Haaretz Books"

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