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Percy Jackson's sixteenth birthday is approaching, the day when the Oracle of Delphi's prophecy will come true, and the situation is extremely worrying. The monstrous army of Kronos, the Time Lord, prepares to conquer Olympus, but his defenders, the gods themselves, are engrossed in battleagainst ancient monsters. Now the world's last hope is Percy and his half-hearted friends. The young heroes are determined to stop the enemy army and are confident in their power. Little do they know that not all of their friends can really be trusted...
Hopes of Olympus is the fifth and final book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. In this series, Rick Reardan gives a modern, tense and tear-jerkingly funny version of the wonderful stories of Greek mythology. The books in the series were a resounding success in Israel and around the world.
More mythological series by Rick Reardan: The Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Family and the Egyptian Gods, Magnes Chase and the Gods of Osgard and the Fate of Apollo.

Rick Reardon is an award-winning American children's author. As a teenager I read a lot of mythological stories and fantasy and science fiction books. He worked for 14 years as a middle school literature and history teacher, until he retired to devote all his time to writing. When his son asked him for a bedtime story, he composed stories that combine his favorite world of fantasy and mythology. These stories became the successful series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the heroes of Olympus and the fate of Apollo, which fascinate teenagers from all over the world and bring them closer to the stories of Greek mythology.
Rick Reardon's youth books have been translated into 37 languages, sold about 90 million copies in the United States alone, won many awards and were made into a movie.
Rick Reardon lives in Boston, Massachusetts,
with his wife and their two sons.

"Percy Jackson's books brought the youth back to reading books. Exciting, funny, very readable and fun."
Arela Pincus, Panai Plus
"Percy, like so many children of this generation, has ADHD and even dyslexia. And it's difficult for him and bothers him and he doesn't always succeed. But Percy is a real hero and not just because his dad is a god.” Siegel Riva, News 2 site
"Rick Rearden succeeds in creating the perfect mix for children, youth and those who, despite the burden of the years, still haven't lost the pleasure of a delightful adventure full of imagination and inspiration."
Kobi Kamin, Globes
"Percy is a charming character, every child would want to be her friend."
Lilac Wallach, Time Out
"A wind of freshness and humor blows from among the pages." Romi Mikulinski, voila
"The surprises follow one another at a dizzying pace and between battles, he also manages to touch more deeply, on questions of emotion, loyalty and even morality."
Tali Kochavi, now it's my turn

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