By Picmel Michel (Author)

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A second book for the ages of children and youth who see the light, published by "Ahuzat Beit" founded by Shari Gutman, a magical journey into human thought, for ages 5 to 120. In this wonderful collection, parables and stories from all over the world have been compiled - Zen stories, stories from Greek mythology, stories and parables from Western philosophy, parables from Islamic culture - That everyone is smart and everyone is fascinating and everyone teaches us - children, youth and adults - something about the world, about the people in it and about our lives. Since time immemorial, Western philosophy and Eastern wisdom have shaped human thought in the way of stories. And now - the best stories drawn from them are presented to children and open to them the entire world of culture. Next to each parable - the scorpion and the frog, two monks and the beautiful girl, the painter and the mice, the lame king, the sword of Damocles, the elephant from Baghdad, the ears of King Meades and many others - appears "The Philosopher's Workshop", and in it some thought-provoking questions. If the parents want - they will read to the children and introduce them to the treasures of human thought, if they don't - they will be satisfied with the pleasure of reading the best stories. Children of all ages can meet - while hearing and reading dozens of traditional foundational stories from all cultures, which include important and basic concepts, such as equality, peace, love of others, cooperation, and also - jealousy, losing one's temper, cunning, etc.

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