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From USA Today bestselling author Cassandra Robbins - get the most forbidden novel yet.

An explosive age gap, love story about the infamous Jet Powers and the woman who subdued him and brought him to his knees.

Jet PowRes is shiny, dirty and forbidden.
He takes what he wants, has no regrets, and doesn't let anything stand in his way.
Not to mention how tall, brown and insanely attractive he is.
Already in our first secret encounter I was hooked.
He is the last man who should make my stomach turn, and my heart beat so hard.
But unfortunately, my head and heart are not in sync.

Because Mr. Powers is not mine.
He can't be mine.
He is my mother's fiance.

Turquoise's recommendation:
As much as we love taboo books, the ones that cross the borders!
And if there's a writer who knows how to do this, it's definitely Cassandra Robbins.
An age gap and a forbidden novel, one that you haven't read yet - that's a promise!

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POWER· Hebrew

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