By Alshich Ronnie (Author)

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When Roni Elsheich assumed the position of Commissioner of Police, he did not know that he was facing a term unlike any other. The three years (2015-2018) in which he served as Commissioner were very intense, not only for him but for an entire country, centered on a precedent-setting event : Filing of three indictments against a serving prime minister for crimes of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. An event whose ripples are still reverberating within Israeli society. Alsheich, who served 27 years in the Shin Bet, hidden in the shadows, found himself at once not only exposed by the very nature of his new position, but also in the eye of the storm. But behind the sensational headlines, in those three years, Elsheich initiated and initiated far-reaching changes in the police: a rearrangement of the headquarters bodies Haartzi; the Amon reform, which changed the concept of policing (as a result of which he received in 2019 the President's Award of the Israeli Criminology Association); the reform of the intelligence continuum, which improved the war on crime; horizontal technological revolution; In-depth treatment of norms and values ??and more. The book Commissioner at the Front - Values ??on the Test is a combination of two: Elsheich explains his values, management and leadership teachings in it, but it is woven in the biography of someone who served eight years in the IDF and almost three decades in the Shin Bet, and embedded in the events that accompanied his tenure in the police, which is not A citizen in the State of Israel who was not exposed to them. The book of Elsheich, who was at the center of the action and at the public front, may contribute to an understanding of what the police are, their location and the entirety of their duties, and contribute to the documentation of historical events from a rare angle.

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