By Yoel Kramer (Author)

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For the first time in Hebrew, a comprehensive biography on the life of one of the most important Jewish thinkers of all time. This impressive biography of Maimonides illuminates his life as a philosopher, physician and courtier, while in-depth discussion of social, religious and political issues of his time. Maimonides was born in Córdoba, in Muslim Spain, in 1138, and died in Cairo in 1204. He lived around Arab-Muslim from his early years in Spain and North Africa, until his later years in Egypt, where he was immersed in its culture and social life. His life and writings are the highest expression of the worlds of Judaism that existed alongside Islam. Maimonides lived in a period of political upheavals, at the height of the Christian conquest of Spain and during the Crusades in Israel; in this turbulent world, he sought as a central thinker and leader of the Jewish community to guide and give balm to the Jews of the Mediterranean Basin. As a central rabbi, Maimonides composed the monumental work "Mishnah Torah", which became the basis for all Jewish halachic codes. In Egypt, his training as a physician gave him a place in the court of the great Sultan Saladin, where he wrote his medical works in Arabic, which were translated into Hebrew and Latin and studied for centuries in Europe. As a philosopher and scientist he contributed to mathematics and astronomy, to logic and ethics, to politics and theology. But the highlight of his work is his important Gothic work "Teacher of Confusion" - a combination of religious tradition and scientific and philosophical thought, a composition that influenced generations of Christian, Muslim and Jewish thinkers. The author of the book, Yoel Kramer, has invested many years for deep and comprehensive research in a way that provokes pause, in order to bring to life the image of Maimonides and his time. The book presents an in-depth portrait of a great historical figure who operated within the Mediterranean cultural world of the 12th century. Kramer relies on on a wealth of primary sources in order to present this tumultuous period in history, where Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions collided and merged in a living and vibrant environment. Prof. Yoel Kramer (1933-2018) - a graduate of Yale University and the Beit Midrash for Jewish Studies in New York - was a senior researcher of the writings of Maimonides, Medieval Judaism, the intellectual and cultural world of the Muslim Middle East in the Middle Ages, as well as the cultural interactions between Islam and Judaism; In the mid-1990s, he was appointed professor of Jewish studies at the School of Theology at the University of Chicago.

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