By Levi Elgrod Dana (Author)

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Anika the flames surround me from all sides. I look left and right but there is no way out. I lift my head up and stare blankly at the darkening ceiling. The feeling of suffocation is unbearable. My knees buckle and I slump to a sitting position. Suddenly a sturdy body bursts out of the flames. His black eyes are so peaceful and his mesmerizing smile reveals deep dimples. I was born and raised in a brutal crime neighborhood but paved an escape route for myself to another life. good life. I did not believe that the moment would come when I would be forced to dive back into the abyss of darkness. And then he arrived. I found myself trapped between his seductive world and my damned world. He is determined to protect me but the flames that threaten me are too strong. SEBASTIAN Amidst the red and orange hues of the flame I hear a whisper of distress. My breath stops. My pupils focus on the bright colors and I manage to see her. She is perched at the end of the room. Wrapped in a blanket and her hair shining at me like a flashing flashlight calling me to save her. She raises her eyes for a moment and I don't detect fear in them but resignation. My heart trembled with the strong need to protect her. The fire only captures you if it feels you are afraid of it. The fire doesn't scare me. I learned to live with it and appreciate it. And then she arrived. Shining like a ray of light in the darkness that surrounds her. I am determined to protect her but the flames that threaten her are too strong. A ray of light in the dark is an exciting, dizzying and sensational novel. Keren Or Bafela is the seventeenth book by the best-selling author Dana Levy Elgrod.

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