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What is the duration of love. How long can you hold emotion. What is the meaning of a age gap in a relationship. And to what extent the physical distance between two lovers affects the other concept. Not a reference book will discuss these issues, but readers in the "reality of reality", some of which falls the right to accompany Staff Zweig who thinks about them - in fictional writing that will make us lick words and close sentences. Presenting the case is simple and accurate: Here is a pair, a couple. And here's a meeting between two who in the past loved with excitement and fermentation. Thousands of miles and one world war separated them. Now nine years have passed, and have a chance to realize what is interrupted in the middle. The beloved visits his homeland, perhaps to unite with the beloved who promised to wait for him, who is now a widow while he is married and a father to children. They will have to deal with an unsafe future and the weight of past memory. Imprisoned between their inability to step forward and the president in the burden of memory and time - the loving couple is silent in astonishment, in the present and in the face of a reality that is upset against them. "Mary of Reality" is one of Zweig's beautiful novels, a late handwriting and published in 1987, a work that faithfully expresses the fate of millions of people who met and broke up in a stable world that appealed without again and the shadow of devastating wars, a clear document that discusses what can be called "the anxiety of the twentieth century ' The art of fiction at its best, which provokes a level of feelings - as a Zwig knows - through the microscopic gestures and small, fragile, delicate details.

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