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This is a true story about two great loves that were born and forged in days saturated with blood and tears - two loves that were bound together in a fascinating fateful bond: the love of Shoshana, the daughter of the well-known Zionist leader Dov Bar Borochov, for the British detective Thomas WilkieN, and Roni Burstein's love for Avraham ("Yair") Stern, a leader of the Lahi underground.
This is a story about two men who pursued each other filled with hatred, and about two women who had to pay a high price for their love.
This is a shocking, rare and touching story that takes place against the background of a period that was and will never be again. This is a story about unique people, about loves that are no longer there.
This is a story, many of the details of which, the fruit of three years of research in Israel and the UK, see the light of day for the first time in this book.
This is Ram Oren's 18th book, whose books have become bestsellers and have been translated into various languages.

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RED DAYS· Hebrew

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