By Gonder Goshen Ayelet (Author)

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What do you actually know about your son? Lilac Schuster lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, Michael, a senior manager in a high-tech company. Their life there is perfect: they live in a villa with a pool, and their son Adam is an excellent student at a prestigious high school. Everything changes the evening when sixteen-year-old Jamal Jones collapses and dies at a class party where Adam is also present. When rumors about the nature of the relationship between Jamal and Adam begin to surface, Lilac is determined to protect her son. But is it possible that he hurt another boy? The mystery she is trying to solve is the puzzle of her child's life. "Relocation" is a story about a head-on collision between the American dream and the Israeli identity. This is a poignant psychological novel about parent-child relationships; A thriller centered around a mother who reluctantly becomes a detective, searching for a truth that could destroy her. Ayelet Gunder-Goshen won the Sapir Prize for a debut book for her first book, "One Night, Markovich". Her second book, "Wake Up Lions", won awards in Great Britain, France and England, and was chosen as one of the books of the year by the "New York Times". Her third book, "The Liar and the City" (Hazut Beit, 2018), was translated into twelve languages, and was chosen in 2019 as one of the books of the year by "ELLE" magazine.

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