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Nothing is missing in my life, I have love, an excellent career, yet the invitation to lecture at the Copenhagen Lawyers' Conference came just in time. Every year around the anniversary of his death I fly abroad to get away from the memories. We were two student tailors, we didn't have much, but we had love. I dreamed of us arriving at the beach. I totally saw myself by his side all my life, raising wild, barefoot, hairy children with him. Now I am re-engaged, but something essential is missing. I know I have to decide, and I hope that the time alone in Denmark will help me do it, but then something happens that I never imagined possible, and calls into question everything I thought was real until today.

They say time heals everything. Time has certainly dulled the pain, but has not completely freed me from the memories. It's stupid, I know. There is no room for nostalgia in this life I live. If you look back, you die. And now she's here, like a dream I'm not allowed to dream. How come she's here? Coincidence?
I don't believe in coincidences.
I don't know if it makes a difference either. There are bridges that are beyond repair.

The return to life is a surprising and unexpected suspense novel about a couple who rediscovers their love during a journey across Europe filled with shocking revelations and both physical and mental difficulties. This is the seventeenth book of the best-selling author, Sharon Zohar.

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