By birds to me (Author)

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Eli Zippori, born in 1962, is an economic investigator for close to forty years. Exposed the huge tax benefits to Teva, leading investigations on copy sums of the budget pension, on the extensive black economy in Israel, the cost of living that led to the "cottage protest", the excessive amounts of the management fees collected from Israeli citizens through pension and insurance companies and more. Wins a 2014 quality economic media prize on behalf of the Society for the Public Right. On the grounds of the committee, Samuel Slavin, former Director General of the Ministry of Finance and the committee, wrote: There was a journalist in Globes, the capital market editor, the weekly added editor and then was appointed Deputy editor of the newspaper. All the roles and publications were personally and closely accompanied. During 2017, with the Securities and Exchange Commission for suspicions of Bezeq, the owner and the alleged proportion of the Ministry of Communications to her, he began - as the newspaper's senior economic commentator, with an accountant, with broad and long -standing knowledge of finance and the world of securities - to deepen the financial statements and messages The Ministry of Communications and Bezeq Company. He followed the direct and indirect investigations and reports, the multiple officials and the multiple leaks, and published the findings - as required by office. It was not long before he began to express discomfort in relation to the affair, claims/suspicions of state representatives and the media reference to it. 'Something's wrong there' came back. Initially quietly and then loudly. Thus, it happened that before the indictment was formulated, he concluded that there was a corrupt relationship between the media and the prosecutor's office and that was what led, was and constitutes the basis for the affair. From there to the suspicion that is realized, and proves itself during the testimonies and hearings in court - to sew the case and the governmental coup - the distance was short. Eli accompanies the sentence from the discussion hall, live on the "Kinneret Open Studio" - as well as in surgery, exposures and current investigations published on the Eli Zippori blog website ( (in collaboration with a retired Matzon and the researcher's journalist Avi Avi Weiss.

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