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Four years after he stunned his readers with his book Silence, Yuval Yareh traces again with the wisdom of imagination after distant times and places as if he had walked through them himself and experienced them in his soul, and proves that the imaginative power that pulsates in his work is a lasting literary wonder. Seeds of Salt is a story about two women and the worlds into which they were born: Marlene, born in Algeria, who is forced to marry an older man at the age of sixteen and struggles to break free from her marriage and reshape her life against the background of the bloody war in her country; And her granddaughter Nofer, born in Be'er Sheva, who swirls in the vortex of discomfort of contemporary Israeliness, where love and hate ignite each other and racism never ceases to bubble up. A lunar jubilee penetrates the heart of historical discrimination, excavates from it treasures of human reason and emotion and weaves them into an intergenerational drama whose complexity and beauty are rivaled only by its power. He draws the thorny boundaries between East and West, between past and present, between wishful thinking and reality, between the stories that history writes for us and our efforts to change the plot, and above all - between the areas of stability in our lives and the seeds of salt scattered in them; Seeds that you germinated in one soul yield disastrous crops in future generations as well. Yuval Yarah, born in 1971, is a teacher.

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