By Erez Biton (Author)

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Pretending to live, as one who with the flap of his wings changes the world, the poet Erez Biton from book to book, rescues himself, sheds false consciousnesses, imaginary feelings, and returns to the ancient essences of a caterpillar and a cocoon in the process of redemption and perhaps coming to light in comparison to the fake and the pretender. In his books "The Mint Book" and "Moroccan Guide" Erez Biton gave expression to the visible side of his life, to social questions, in an attempt to make the rejected and slandered loved and accepted. In his books "Blindfold Landscapes" and "Piano House" the poet drills down to another inner layer and touches on the shame and helplessness of being blind in the world. In this book "Seams" Erez concrete extrudes and sheds heavy loads and imaginary beings on it and touches inside the blackness, the ostracism and the endless isolation. The injury on November 19, 1951, on 29th Street in Lod, turns from the starting point of a single injury into an earthquake, which is preserved beyond time and place. After I had stitches, stitches were made and my friends stood over me for nine years. (e) 2015) His previous books: A Moroccan Guide 1976 The Mint Book 1979 A Bird Between Continents 1989 A Moroccan Bird's Tambisrat 2009 Blindfolded Landscapes 2013 The House of Pianos 2015 Signals 2019 Passing by 2020

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