By Elazar Halevi Dana (Author)

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The school year has opened, and Guy, Noam and Roy are already in the ninth grade. They are trying to get used to the school routine again after the events of last summer in Manhattan - the summer in which they hacked into the computer of an international terrorist and prevented an attack on a massive scale together with Hanan Shomaroni, the Mossad man who recruited them for the secret mission. It is clear to them that their espionage adventures have come to an end. After all, the institution does not employ children, and what is the chance that Hanan will need their help again? But then a dark secret is revealed in Noam's past, and at the same time the news reports on the horrific actions of a neo-Nazi organization in Germany. The three children host a German girl who has a lead that can lead directly to the head of the organization, and they finally decide: they will go to Berlin for their own secret operation. Hanan Shomaroni, along with the other members of the Mossad and members of the German secret service, are trying to capture the leader of the neo-Nazi organization. But the leader has disappeared and no one has any idea how to start looking for him. That is, for no one but children... Operation Berlin, the second book in the secret mission series by Dana Elazar-Halevi, brings the trio of young spies to new heights of tension, daring and danger. In a world full of cruelty and madness, they discover the power of new friendships and learn to know themselves better.

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