By Cohen Neely (Author)

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Sentences and Words presents a conversation between literature and law, worlds of words in diverse contexts. The book deals with contrasts that activate the world of law and representations of all these in the world of literature. This is how the classic dilemmas of choice versus fate are increasingly standing before our eyes; true versus stable; Sufiness, which is sometimes accompanied by oblivion or oblivion, versus the determination of truth which is accompanied by eternal memory; A ritual, which sometimes creates a virtual reality, in front of an essence that reveals the truth. We are captivated by the story of Oedipus, as well as that of the servant from Baghdad who hastened to meet in Samarra to meet his fate there; We wonder why the eyes of the goddess of justice are covered; And they debate the question of whether a life full of memories like that of Pons the memory is better than that of the tribe's members who only remember what happened a day before; And we ask, why are the living heroes of Agnon and Balzac likened to be dead due to the rules of the fossil ceremony? The book areas of the legal space will bring us together with loves and families, and here we will learn about the promises and disappointments in the family of King Lear, in the family of the liberating bride and in that of Tehila. And within the intimate-social space we will reveal the fate of betrayed wills, including those of Kafka and Brod, and the relationship between essence and form. Literature expresses liberation, imagination and freedom, while in the sentence the text threatens and binds, and as the life story of Joseph Brodsky illustrates, the sentence may more than once bind the creative spirit. And even the inn of the spirits, which expresses the idea of ??the supremacy of the creative spirit, points to difficulties involved in its full realization. Neely Cohen, laureate of the Israel Prize for Legal Research, served as president of the Israel National Academy of Sciences. She is an emeritus professor of law at Tel Aviv University and even served as the rector of the university. Her research interests focus on contract law, private law, comparative law and law and literature. Since 2005 she has been editing the "Law and Book Club" series at Tel Aviv University. She won the Zeltner Award, the Sussman Award, the Minkoff Award for Excellence in Research and the Rector's Award for Excellence in Teaching, and is a member of the Academia Europaea and the American Philosophical Society.

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