By Brandes Yochi (Author)

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Seven Mothers tells us the stories of seven great women in the Bible, as they have never been told. In a brilliant archaeological detective work, Yochi Brands reveals stories and fragments of stories that have been hidden for thousands of years under the official outer cover of the Bible. - which, as we know, is a story of men - unites them, and creates seven spectacular portraits of women who managed, with courage and resourcefulness, to beat the system and survive. In 3 Kings, the biblical novel that fascinated hundreds of thousands of readers, here too Yochi Brandes invites us to participate in solving a riddle that seems to have been "planted" by the authors of the Bible for us - the curious readers, The suspicious, the adventurous - inside the state stories. What really pushed Lot's daughter to rape her father in the cave? Why does the Bible adore Tamar and despise Potiphar's wife, did they both do a similar thing? Who were behind the stories that try to downplay the character of the prophetess Miriam? How can it be that the Bible admires rebellious girls , like Pharaoh's daughter and Rachel, who despise their ancestors? Why does Ruth need Naomi to teach her how to hunt Boaz, and what really happened between the two in his threshing floor at night? Why did our sages tie a tefillin to Michal's head? And how did Queen Esther turn from a simulated Barbie doll into the wisest person in the Bible? Yochi Brandes answers these fascinating questions, and many others, in a captivating narrative way. We look at the women of the Bible , first from a distance and then up close, understand their motives, get to know the social and cultural environment in which they live, learn to appreciate them, and maybe even admire them, and in the process we also understand why they were prevented from The Bible takes center stage. Seven Mothers is a true reading celebration, a modern midrash novel that is a refreshing fusion of a cultural discovery adventure and a liberating experience of breaking away from tyrannical interpretive conventions. Seven Mothers is a book that combines in a sophisticated way and incredibly effective, entertaining and enjoyable. Yigal Schwartz Yochi Brands was born in Haifa in 1959. Her books: Gemar Tov (The New Library, 1997), Hagar (Yediot Ahronoth, 1998), turn off the love (Yediot Ahronot, 2001), white kernels (Yediot Ahronot, 2003), confession (Yediot Ahronot, 2005), Kings 3 (Kinneret, Zamora-Beitan, 2008).

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