By Dina Bar-El (Author)

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On his deathbed, just before he closed his eyes forever, Dina Barel's father asked her for two things - one: keep your only daughter Orna, the daughter of your eyes. And the second: don't give up on yourself and fulfill your dream of becoming a fashion designer. She could not keep Orna . At the age of 34, she was murdered in Los Angeles by the wrongdoers, and her absence in her life does not let up even today. She fulfilled his other request. Dina Barel was a successful international fashion designer in Hollywood, with a recognizable personal handwriting, her name was on everyone's lips and she fulfilled all her professional dreams.

Her autobiographical book "Shaping the Dream" is a shocking, moving and touching story, a story of longings and dreams that shattered to the ground of reality, a story of a woman who survives, falls and gets up, starts over and wins. He follows all the stages of her life: from the harsh home of Holocaust survivor parents in the city of Ramla, through her first marriage at the age of 15, motherhood at the age of 16 and premature puberty, through moving to the United States, four episodes of marriage, dealing with serious illnesses, inconsolable pain with the death of her daughter , and the choice of life and the right to happiness. The fashion world was her lifeline. The yellow dress that actress Kate Hudson flaunted in the movie "How to Get Rid of a Guy in Ten Days" made her a designer that America embraced and brought her to new heights. A combination of talent, emotion, courage, innovation and a lot of courage, made Dina Barel's creations a worldwide success.
Dalia Ben Ari

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