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Millions of women and men all over the world establish startups and believe that they will sell them for a fortune. They liquidate savings funds, sell assets and sink into debt, even though there is no guarantee that they will succeed.
Quite a few entrepreneurs received a lot of moneyIn exchange for a brilliant idea that received top-notch professional development. On the other hand, quite a few startups failed miserably and their owners lost all their money.
More than ten thousand startups have been established in Israel in recent years.
Only 480 were successful. A large part of the two billion shekels invested in the development of these startups went down the drain.

Every startup's eyes are on the big high-tech companies sitting in the Silicon Valley in California, in the center of which lies the city of Palo Alto.
The big hope is that the big companies will buy and pay a lot.

Ram Oren in Palo Alto will investigate the lives of Israelis in Silicon Valley, the achievements and the failures, the successes and the sadness of the soul, which are often expressed when returning to Israel with a feeling of great disappointment.
This book is dedicated to them.

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