By Uri Katz (Author)

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Many define the story of Israel's economy with the word miracle.
But Israel's economic reality is far from miraculous. For decades, Israel has maintained a fixed relative position among the nations of the world: above the developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America, but below the developed countries of Western Europe and North America.
In his book Blue and White Money, economist Dr. Uri Katz explains why Israel is where it is and is unable to join the club of rich countries. In a wide-ranging description, which begins with the great revolt among the Romans and ends with the social protest of 2011, Katz traces the historical story of Israel's economy, and points out the fundamental factors that affect it for better or for worse and some of the sticks whose pulling from the wheels of the economy could boost the standard of living for all of us.
Uri Katz is a doctor of economics, specializing in economic growth and economic history. In the last decade, Uri published several studies on Israel's economy and a number of articles and articles in the press, and managed one of the most popular economic blogs in Israel, Daat Miyot. His previous book, Mankind's Journey (written with Oded Glaor), was also published by Kinneret Publishing.

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